The VoltPro Winch (E2L)

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The VoltPro Winch is the first and only “all-in-one” and “ready-to-use” electric winch solution on the market. It is especially designed for wakeboarding, allows deep water starts and develops the perfect speed for shredding any obstacle or feature – silently and emission-free!


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While brainstorming for new ideas and products we asked ourselves: How can you improve the winch experience? Add more power? We got that covered with the UrbanPro. Make ist smaller and lighter? That would not be possible without loosing some of the main features. Get rid of the noise and emissions? Bingo!

The 100% electric VoltPro Winch is indeed the reVOLTlution in winching! It makes no noise during operation and is completely emissions-free. The VoltPro is powered by an 6.5 hp electric engine and comes with 200 m Dyneema winch rope! We developed the VoltPro especially for urban wakeboarding. It is capable of deep-water starts (Rider <95 kg) and achieves up to 35 km/h on the water. The VoltPro is a highly mobile "ready-to-use" winch and easy to set up. Everything you need is already included in the winch-body. You don't have to worry about carrying around heavy batteries, as everything is already inside the winch. Of course, the VoltPro has all the unique KA-Winch features her gasoline powered sisters have such as the self-securing feet. The winch is easy to set up and beginner-friendly. Winching cannot get any easier.


The VoltPro is the only "all-in-one"  and "ready-to-use" electric winch on the european market!



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Made in Germany
With our long experience in winch building we offer high quality winches 100% build, designed and made in Germany.
Installed in less than 1 minute
Thanks to our self-securing system the winch can be set up within seconds!
Reliable system
Make it simple and clean! With only a single moving part, the VoltPro is very reliable!
Light-Weight Construction
Due to our clever construction KA-Winch can offer the lightest and smallest winches on the market!
Self securing
With our unique self-securing system the winch can be set up on nearly every ground.
100% Electric
The VoltPro Winch is 100 % electric. Incredible torque, no noise, no emissions!

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Technische Daten:

  • Elektischer Motor mit 6.5 PS
  • Energieeffizient: Akku reicht für 6km Fahrspaß
  • Nahezu Geräuschlos
  • Inklusive Bremsfunktion
  • CNC gefertigte Bauteile
  • gelaserter, eloxierter Aluminiumrahmen.
  • Seiltrommel mit rostfreiem Spulenkörper
  • Inklusive 200m Winchleine, schwimmend mit Zugkraft bis zu 960kg
  • Inklusive Wakeboardhandle
  • Inklusive KA-Winch Pistolgrip
  • Inklusive Ladegerät
  • Ready-to-use
  • Einfach zu transportieren dank Räder
  • Selbstsichernde Füße
  • Regulierbare Geschwindigkeit zwischen 1 – 35 km/h
  • Maße mit Räder LxBxH: 870x450x400mm
  • Maße ohne Räder LxBxH: 850x300x380mm
  • Gewicht: 70 kg




Technical Data:

  • Electric Engine with 6.5 bhp
  • No Noise
  • Energy efficient: Charge of batteries lasts for up to 20 pulls
  • Includes break system
  • CNC cut winch parts
  • Stainless steel rope spool
  • 200m colored dyneema rope, swimming with a drag force of 960kg
  • Laser cut, long-life, light, vibration absorbing frame of anodized aluminum
  • Inclusive KA-Winch Pistolgrip
  • Inclusive battery charger
  • Ready-to-use
  • Adjustable speed between 1 – 35 km/h
  • Highly mobile and easy to set up
  • Self-securing feet
  • Dimensions with wheels LxWxH: 870x450x400mm
  • Dimensions without wheels LxWxH: 850x300x380mm
  • Weight: 70 kg

WakePro K1L UrbanPro T1L VoltPro E2L
Power 6.5 bhp 13 bhp 6.5 bhp
Engine gasoline gasoline electric
Clutch TAV2 TAV2 -
Rope 300 m Standard

300 m Dyneema

500 m Dyneema

300 m Dyneema

500 m Dyneema

300 m Dyneema



(Rider < 95 kg)

(Rider < 140 kg)


(Rider < 95 kg)

Speed 35 km/h 35 km/h 65 km/h 35 km/h
Suggested for Wakeboarding

Skiing (e.g. Urban Rails)


Skiing (e.g. Urban Gaps)

Weight: 45 kg 55 kg 73 kg
Noise (7 m Distance)  78 dB  78 dB  -


  • VoltPro Winch inkl. Batterien
  • Standard Jobe Handle
  • Batterieladegerät
  • Pistol-Grip
  • Anleitung


  • VoltPro Winch incl. Batteries
  • Standard Jobe Handle
  • Battery charger
  • Pistol-Grip
  • Instruction Manual

Approximated 6-weeks delivery time for your individual built!

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 870 × 450 × 400 cm
Easy Travel

No, Yes | + 99,95 €


Standard Jobe Handle

Anchor Kit

No, Yes | 49,95 €


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