Winching has been an emerging trend over the past years within the wakeboarding scene, and KA-Winch has always had the ambition to offer the most versatile and best thought-out "ready-to-use" winches on the market. The team has developed a broad portfolio of devices, which were especially designed for wakeboarding and urban-skiing. Two years ago, KA-Winch released the VoltPro Winch, the first "All-in-One" fully electric winch solution on the market. Now, KA-Winch is making the next step. Winching always has been a "mono-directional" adventure. With the introduction of the "KA-TwoWay" and the "KA-MiniCable" bi-directional riding becomes possible and opens up new doors for your personal wake adventure! Team up with your friends, get together and enjoy some quality time at your private cable park! And at the end of the day, everything will fit in the trunk of your car!