The UrbanPro Winch (T1L)

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Die UrbanPro Winch ist the power model in the KA-Winch family. This winch was developed for any application imaginable. Wakeboarding, tow-in-Surfing, urban skiing and snowboarding are just a few options. A strong pull, high top speeds and a highly mobile, lightweight construction make this winch the most versatile winch on the market!


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The UrbanPro Winch (T1L) is the logical progression after developing the WakePro. The power of 13 hp engine combined with the TAV2 torque converter is transferred to a stainless spool with up to 500 m of dyneema winch rope. The UrbanPro Winch is capable of deep water starts (Rider <140 kg) and can run up to 50 km/h on the water. Because of its clever construction and the two wheels the UrbanPro Winch can be transported easily to the spot and set up within seconds. The self securing feet make any further securing of the winch with belts etc. almost completely obsolete.

In winter, the UrbanPro Winch shows its full potential and accelerates skiers and snowboarders up to 65 km/h to allow extreme urban shredding. Professional skiers like the Freeski-Crew (Austria), the GuenzProject and Lukas Joas choose the KA-Winch UrbanPro for a reason!


The UrbanPro is the strongest, fastest and most versatile winch available on the market!



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60km/h Top Speed
The UrbanPro achieves top speeds of up to 60 km/h on land. Enough for extreme urban skiing and large gaps!
Lightweight construction
The anodized aluminium frame construction offers both stability and robustness while still beeing lightweight (50 kg)
High Quality Materials
The UrbanPro winch is made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel and can resist rain and snow!
Disc Brake System
In case the rider crashes, we added a hydraulic disc-brake system that lets you stop the winch immediately to prevent injuries!
300m - 500m Winchrope
The UrbanPro Winch is comes with either 300 m or up to 500 m of extremely strong and floatable Dyneema-Winch-Rope
Self -Securing
Every KA-Winch has self-securing feet, which allow the winch to be secured in the earth without further strapping!


  • 13 PS 4-Takt Motor.
  • Drehmomentwandler für optimale Kraftübertragung.
  • Hydraulische Scheibenbremse für maximale Kontrolle des Bedieners
  • CNC gefertigte Bauteile
  • gelaserter, eloxierter Aluminiumrahmen.
  • Seiltrommel mit rostfreiem Spulenkörper für bis zu 500m Winchleine
  • Inklusive 300m Dyneema Winchleine, schwimmend mit Zugkraft bis zu 960 kg
  • Inklusive Wakeboardhandle
  • Selbstsichernde Füße
  • Regulierbare Geschwindigkeit zwischen 1 – 65 km/h
  • Sparsam: Eine Tankfüllung (3,6l) reicht für sieben Stunden kontinuierlichen Fahrspaß
  • Maße mit Räder LxBxH: 870x600x470mm
  • Maße ohne Räder LxBxH: 850x450x420mm
  • Gewicht: 55 kg

Auslieferung ohne Betriebsstoffe! Vor erstem Start Öl und Benzin einfüllen!




  • 13 HP 4-stroke engine with two year manufactures warranty
  • Torque converter for best power conversion
  • Engineered and designed in Germany
  • Hydraulic wheel disc for maximum control of the operator
  • CNC lasered Parts
  • Winch spool manufactured out of stainless steel and capacity of 300m dyneema winch rope.
  • laser cut, long-life, light, vibration absorbing Frame out of anodized aluminum
  • lightweight design with only 45kg weight including wheels
  • Self-securing feet
  • Adjustable speed between 1 – 65 km/h
  • Energy efficient (3,6l) lasts for seven hours continuous riding.
  • Dimensions with wheels LxWxH: 870x600x470mm
  • Dimensions without wheels LxWxH: 840x550x470m
  • Weight: 55 kg

Delivery without operating supplies (oil and fuel)! Fill in fuel and oil before first start!

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 870 × 600 × 470 cm

300m Dyneema Pro, 500m Dyneema Pro | + 169,95 €

Anchor Kit

No, Yes | 49,95 €

WakePro K1L UrbanPro T1L VoltPro E2L
Power 6.5 bhp 13 bhp 6.5 bhp
Engine gasoline gasoline electric
Clutch TAV2 TAV2 -
Rope 300 m Standard

300 m Dyneema

500 m Dyneema

300 m Dyneema

500 m Dyneema

200 m Standard

300 m Dyneema



(Rider < 95 kg)

(Rider < 140 kg)


(Rider < 95 kg)

Speed 35 km/h 35 km/h 65 km/h 35 km/h
Suggested for Wakeboarding

Skiing (e.g. Urban Rails)


Skiing (e.g. Urban Gaps)

Weight: 45 kg 55 kg 73 kg
Noise (7 m Distance)  78 dB  78 dB  -


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  • UrbanPro Winch
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  • UrbanPro Winch
  • Standard Handle
  • Instruction Manual

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